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As Lucky Egg's popularity on TikTok soared (they got 3.5 million views on one video!), they faced the hurdle of keeping up with growing demand. Managing inventory, fulfilling orders efficiently, and expanding their reach were key challenges that needed to be addressed.
Discover how Finishing Line's award-winning contract packing and fulfilment operations supported the NHS Supply chain in the assembly of 30,000+ medical testing kits.
Online kitchen and homeware specialist Oliver’s Kitchen is the latest brand to join the growing ranks of eCommerce customers looking for a reliable 3PL partner able to deliver a flexible, cost-effective service.
Tyrell Katz is the latest customer to choose The Finishing Line to deliver the flexible and cost-effective services the company requires.
Activity Superstore is rapidly expanding its customer base, by maximising their B2B fulfilment operations across the UK with Finishing Line.
Giggly reached its record year in sales with Finishing Line as their fulfilment provider, doubling their monthly orders, annual orders, and customer base.
In order to reach the contract packing and fulfilment demands of 150,000 COVID-19 testing kits a week, this requires rigorous quality assurance processes.

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