How We Work

How Tenevo works

What the typical process looks like from the second we receive your inquiry to letting us handle your fulfilment needs and in-turn helping to grow your company.

Triage & Discovery

Triage & Discovery 

An initial triage takes place in which a TFL Sales Advisor is assigned to review your request prior to arranging a call with your company.


A discovery call takes place to better understand your needs based on the type of service requested, challenges faced and growth targets of your company.

GAP Analysis & Solution Development
Stage 2:

GAP Analysis & Solution Development 

Once our TFL Sales Advisor is happy that they have accurately assessed all your needs, they will begin outlining a solution for your problem and what is needed to close ‘the gap’.


For eCommerce Fulfilment, Returns, and Warehouse Management requests, a proposal is devised that bests support your goals, in which we outline how we will best serve your interests and mitigate current challenges faced. This will include indicative costs, timelines and demo of Tenevo.


For Contract Packing Solutions requests, a tailored approach is taken in creating a proposal that encompasses your service requests. This will include indicative costs and timelines.

Onboarding Phase
Stage 3:

Onboarding Phase 

Once the proposal has been discussed and accepted, an account manager will be assigned to your company to take initiate the onboarding phase.


For eCommerce Fulfilment, Returns, and Warehouse Management services, an extensive plan is devised to ensure the transition of your stock into our premises without any disruption to your business.


For Contract Packing Solutions, a job schedule will be created in cooperation with our Operations team that works towards your specific requirements.

Stage 4:

User Training – Tenevo

For eCommerce Fulfilment, Returns, and Warehouse Management requests, a training session will be organised with a member from our Tech Development Team to provide you with key training on how to use Tenevo, our cloud-based management system.

Monthly Service Review
Stage 5:

Monthly Service Review

Unless you require ad hoc assistance, a call with your TFL Account Manager will occur each month in which you can discuss any amendments or enhances to the current service that we provide.

Where we can help to allow you to focus on growing your business

Handling over a 100,000 items every day we specialise in working quickly and effectively with a variety of products.

Integrating with a variety of sales channels, our platform allows for quick, reliable, and trackable fulfilment.

Our international freight network allows us to provide global transport coverage and facilitate the daily importing and exporting of international products.

Ensure your customers have a stress free experience by managing returns easily on Tenevo, our cloud-based management platform. 

Whether it is short term or long term storage, we offer a variety of bespoke solutions to suit your company requirements.