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See how easy Returns Management can be with Finishing Line as your 3PL provider.
Partnering with Finishing Line means receiving a first-class service in reverse logistics, managing all your business' outbound order fulfilment needs, while also managing any inbound returns from your customers.

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For any eCommerce business that sells products B2B or B2C online, outsourcing a reliable partner that can handle reverse logistics is crucial to ensure that all customer returns are effectively taken care of. Here at Finishing Line, our operations go the extra mile, providing our clients with a complete 3PL service that delivers exceptional order fulfilment and Returns Management hand in hand.


We can provide product storage, pick & pack, distribution, and Returns Management, all of which we can tailor to meet the unique requirements of your business. Our bespoke services will save your company time, money, and will help prevent loss of repeat business, thanks to Finishing Line’s intuitively built in-house, cloud-based management system, Tenevo, which enables us to deliver a ‘returns made easy’ service that will leave your customers satisfied.

How Tenevo's Returns Management Works

Step 1:

Download returns label

Step 2:


Organise item return via collection or drop off

Step 3:


Item returned to Finishing Line’s fulfilment centre for processing

Step 4:


Upon item receipt, the customer is notified periodically with updates on the return of the item

Step 5:


After a quality review, the customer is then notified of the item, where either a return, refund or exchange will be issued

Find Out More About Tenevo's Capabilities

When partnering with Finishing Line to level up your business’ Returns Management, our 3PL services come with a whole host of perks that outperform the competition. One of our key USPs that we provide for our clients is Tenevo, and its full capabilities. This includes; complete integration with your online store, customer requests for returns are made even easier, and all returned items are automatically logged, tracked, and managed within one platform, providing you with insightful data and statistics on your returns.

“Next level Order Fulfilment and Returns Management”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Returns Management?
Returns Management (also known as Reverse Logistics), refers to the management of a company’s products that the customer has sent back to the seller/manufacturer. This is one of the most essential aspects of the fulfilment process that we at Finishing Line typically handle.

What are the processes of Returns Management?
Step 1: Download the returns label.
Step 2: Organise the item’s return via collection or drop off.
Step 3: Processing begins when the item reaches Finishing Line’s fulfilment centre.
Step 4: The customer is notified of any item updates.
Step 5: A return, refund, or exchange will be issued.

How does Returns Management tie in with eCommerce Fulfilment?
Returns Management is the final stage of Finishing Line’s complete 3PL online order fulfilment service. Once the product receipt, storage, pick & pack, and outbound distribution has been handled by Finishing Line, we can also manage any of your inbound product returns from customers.

How has Finishing Line helped its clients in the past?
At Finishing Line, we understand the importance of providing a simply Returns Management solution, which is why we offer a first-class order fulfilment and Returns Management service combined, taking care of all your supply chain and business requirements under the same roof.

Why should I outsource Finishing Line’s Returns Management services?
Finishing Line’s effective returns strategies can be customised for any eCommerce business, whether you sell products B2B or B2C online. Our bespoke services can guarantee a high standard of Reverse Logistics management, which will save your company time, money, and scale up repeat business.

How else can I benefit by using a streamline Returns Management provider?
By providing a reliable Returns Management service for your customers, this builds the consumer’s trust in your business, which will increase overall customer satisfaction in having a credible product returns policy. Efficient Returns Management can therefore help scale up online orders.

Do Finishing Line have their own Warehouse Management System?
One of Finishing Line’s USPs is our very own intuitively built in-house, cloud-based management system, ‘Tenevo’. When it comes to delivering effective Returns Management to our clients, our warehouse management system provides quality assurance for all product returns that we manage.

What are the capabilities of Finishing Line’s WMS?
Having full access to Tenevo’s limitless features is one of the biggest perks in partnering with Finishing Line. Tenevo handles all elements of your order fulfilment and Returns Management and integrates seamlessly with your online store, providing a ‘returns made easy’ service.

How are Returns managed in Tenevo?
When a request for a return is made by the customer, the item’s return is logged, tracked, communicated, and managed within Tenevo. As every step of this procedure is viewable in Tenevo, clients have utilised this data by collecting valuable insights and statistics on their returned products.

What are the key advantages of partnering with Finishing Line?
Outsourcing Finishing Line’s Returns Management services could be one of the biggest steps forward in aiding your current supply chain operations, by taking advantage of our vast experience in dealing with damaged goods. This can involve the repackaging or disposing of returned items.

Choose A Reliable Partner

Finding a reliable partner capable of fulfilling your company’s unique Returns Management requirements can be difficult and time consuming.

Our Returns Management solutions cover a broad variety of reverse logistics returns for industries and products such as:
Beauty & CosmeticsFashion & ApparelSupplement & VitaminCBD & Cannabidiol, PPE & Medical, Magazine & Finishing, Stationary & Gifts, Barcoding & Labelling, Subscriptions & Boxes, Toys & Games, Food & Drink, and many more.

Choosing an experienced partner that can guarantee speed, quality, and specificity when meeting the needs of your business is vital when delivering to your deadlines and leaving your customers satisfied.

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