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Our Platform: Tenevo

Control your operations, with seamless end-to-end fulfilment.
Plan, manage, and review your contract packing or fulfilment at any time, at your desk or on the go.


Tenevo – ‘Te-nei-vow’, derived from the Latin verb ‘Tenere’, meaning ‘to hold’, is our purpose-built, cloud-based WMS Warehouse Management System, designed to help grow your business by allowing you to manage everything in one place.

It supports seamless end-to-end fulfilment, and is flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

As a Finishing Line client, you’ll have your own WMS system login to our very own Tenevo portal, assisting your warehouse fulfilment solutions by helping you plan, manage, and review all contract packing and fulfilment needs, no matter how complex your requirements.

Finishing Line's logistics operations.

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Tenevo Features

It's not off-the-shelf - so it can be tailored to whatever you need.

Full Visibility & Transparency

Automatic Stock Level Alerts


Live Order Tracking

Stock Management

Customer Service Support

Orders from Multiple Stores

Contract Packing Management

Manage Product Returns


Mobile Device-Ready

Easy Store Management

Tenevo Module

Store Management

Tenevo’s multichannel integration offers seamless connectivity to multiple  carrier and eCommerce platforms, providing customers with the ability to manage multiple stores in one place. Tenevo’s client login portal provides our clients with complete visibility and management of their warehouse storage and fulfilment of orders, dispatches, and returns within our fulfilment centre.

Our intelligently programmed warehousing management system and innovative eCommerce Fulfilment services are designed to be as straight forward and as user-friendly as possible, with our aim being simple – to help you grow your business by handling your fulfilment needs.

Features of Store Management


Detailed Customer Profiles

Tracked Orders - Shelf to Delivery


Easy Made Reports

Resolution Centre

Tenevo Module

Warehouse Management

Tenevo’s warehouse management system software has no limitations, which is demonstrated by its stock management feature, providing clients with full management and visibility of their stock at both the pre-production and post-production stage. This information is vital for both our production team and our clients when managing complex contract packing jobs, where 100,000’s items are being assembled.

Tenevo’s live Data Capture Feature provides our Operations Team with key insights into live production jobs, allowing for the management of raw materials, production staff allocation, and delivery forecasting, ensuring that all jobs are delivered on time, every time.

Features of Warehouse Management

Detailed Stock Insights

Export Stock Options

Easy Made Reports


Why and how we developed Tenevo

As Finishing Line’s service offerings grew, so too did the need for a multi-faceted wms management system that would be able to cater to our increasing requirements. After months of market research and wms system demonstrations, we soon realised that an off-the-shelf warehouse operating system would not cater to our diverse needs, therefore, we decided to create our own unique wms system that would.

Conceptualised in 2013 by our Senior Developer, James Sampford, Tenevo was carefully constructed and designed in collaboration with our clients.  encompassing all their Contract Packing, eCommerce Fulfilment, Distribution, and Warehousing needs.

Tenevo - Finishing Line's built in-house, cloud-based CRM system.
Experience and industry analysis, business data, and insights.

Tenevo’s Strengths

  • Live production data insights
  • Intuitive stock management 
  • Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) System
  • Multiple Carrier and eCommerce integrations
  • Efficient Customer Service Management 

What Our Clients Think

Finishing Line is a key part of our supply chain and has been influential in our continued growth. Their knowledge and expertise in item re-merchandising, repacking, and labelling gives us the assurance that our products are in safe hands.

“Finishing Line is a key part of our supply chain and has been influential in our continued growth, their knowledge and expertise in item re-merchandising, repacking and labelling gives us the assurance that our products are in safe hands”

Steve Adams, Brand Manager, RBM

To browse how our cloud-based management system Tenevo operates, send a request to arrange a full software demo today: