Giggly's Record Year With Finishing Line

Published: July 2022

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On July 04, 2022 by Josh Arrowsmith
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Giggly, an online learning platform for children, designed to enhance young people’s learning through interactive games and educational activity packs.


Toys & Games

For over 10 years, Finishing Line has been a supply chain partner for “Immediate Media Co” (IMC), a large UK-based magazine publisher that sells over 70million magazines every year, reaching 22million people online every month. At the start of 2018, IMC decided to enhance their product and service offering by launching Giggly, an online learning platform that provided a range of children’s toys, games and activity packs that support different areas of the learning curriculum.

Giggly’s products feature well-known kids’ brands, such as Numberblocks, Alphablocks, and CBeebies. Some learning materials would be available to buy, while some resources would be free to download.

“Finishing Line provided us with the knowledge and support that enabled us to double the size of our online store”

– Paul Torre

Director of Buying, Sustainability & Ethical Compliance

Giggly in Numbers:

0 %
Giggly’s monthly orders doubled in size
0 +
Giggly’s annual orders increased by 16,000+
x 0
Giggly doubled their customer base within one year

Our Objectives for Giggly

  • Manage Giggly’s supply chain forecasting for domestic and international shipping
  • Enable Giggly to reach new destinations overseas, while handling customs and parcel tracking
  • Provide Giggly with appropriate resources to produce new product lines and a wider customer base

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How Finishing Line Helped Giggly Scale its Business

Tenevo: Intuitive Warehouse Management System

Tenevo, Finishing Line’s built in-house, cloud-based management system played a significant role in managing Giggly’s client orders throughout the tough months of the pandemic when online orders and deliveries were at a record high. Tenevo allowed Giggly to manage and track the following: Reserve space for incoming stock, implement stock alerts to prevent bestselling products from selling out, view live orders which are being picked and packed, track dispatches, as well as any of their returned products that are shipped back to the warehouse.

Customer Service in-house: 6 days a week

To help Giggly maintain an exceptional level of customer service whilst also dealing with an increased level of enquiries, Finishing Line introduced customer service management within its many tiers of services, covering the company’s phone line, as well as managing a designated email inbox. This is a service that Finishing Line continues to provide in assisting any business that is experiencing a vast number of customer service enquiries daily, with the simple ambition of making any queries or issues received from customers a less problematic task for any partnered company to manage.

 “Finishing Line provided us with the knowledge and support that enabled Giggly to scale up to become a global brand selling across Middle East, central Asia, Europe, North America and South America” 

 “By handling our customer service alongside our fulfilment, Finishing Line allowed us to focus on expanding our product lines and engaging more with our customers” 

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Josh Arrowsmith

Head of Commercial & Innovation

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