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“Ensuring end-to-end supply chain control of your products”

Complimentary to its core Contract Packing and Fulfilment activities, Finishing Line provides a complete Freight and Customs Management service, thereby offering dependable end to end supply chain control as your Lead Logistics Partner.


As importers and exporters grapple with the challenges of global volatility and, against a background of spiralling fuel costs, seek alternative methods of distribution to build the low carbon supply chains of the future, integration of primary and secondary distribution is critical as a means of driving down inventories, transport costs and streamlining the supply chain.


Drawing on the specialist skills, services and expertise of its carefully selected strategic partners around the world, Finishing Line offers a reliable supply chain execution system with extensive logistics and freight management across all modes of transport, together with international trade, compliance, customs and duty management functionality.


In the post-Brexit trading environment, with new Free Trade Agreements and ever-changing customs legislation at home and overseas, it has never been more critical to understand and apply the requisite international processes and controls.


Key Services Offered

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Freight Management

Our international freight network allows us to provide global transport coverage and facilitate the daily importing and exporting of international products.

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Customs & Duty Management

Having in-depth knowledge of commodity codes, duties, and VAT allows us to ensure your product has the correct documentation to pass safely through customs.

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Product Compliance

Depending on the type of product you are shipping and the country you are shipping it to, we can advise on the correct packaging to use as many countries have differing product packaging requirements.

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Receipt, Handling & Dispatch

Our extensive warehousing facilities allow us to receive, palletise, quality check, store, prepare and dispatch pallets and cartons on the same day.

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Value Adding Services

Should your products require further modification prior to reaching their end destination we can assist with the following: assembly & disassembly, barcoding & labeling, repackaging, separating, and inventory checking.

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Order Tracking

Tenevo, our in-house order management system, provides clients with real-time updates on the status of their product at each key stage of its journey notifying them of any significant changes.


The successful operation of end-to-end supply chains is achieved by Finishing Line’s capability to integrate the often-complex transactional applications through a single interface, to deliver end-to-end strategic control of the supply chain through visibility and milestone reporting, thus optimising product flows.

How Freight Forwarding Works

Choose a Reliable Partner

Finding a reliable freight forwarding partner capable of understanding and fulfilling your company’s international freight requests can be difficult and time-consuming. Finishing Line’s ability to leverage global partnerships enables us a provide reliable and efficient services at each stage within the supply chain.


Having a fast, reliable, and experienced freight forwarding partner that can also fulfil your company’s customs, storage, contract packing, fulfilment requests is vital in ensuring that you are able to deliver on your deadlines and leave your customers feeling satisfied.


Speed, quality and specificity are all key variables we work towards when handling and processing 100,000s of items, and this is where Finishing Line can guarantee commitment to all three.


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