Contract Packing Solutions

Contract Packing Solutions

“1 million items contract packed, and hand fulfilled each week”

Finishing Line have been in operation for over 3 decades, operating out of one of the largest hand fulfilment centres in the UK. We’ve developed a hybrid solution, combining the latest IT systems with human dexterity and intuitiveness to provide a unique data driven solution. This enables effective management of your company item assortment, assembly, disassembly, and packing requests.

Services Offered

Food & Drink Fulfilment

Food & Drink Packing

We have extensive experience in preparing and distributing food and drink gift hampers as well as handling the assortment, repacking and distribution of non-perishable food and drink items such as snack bars, energy drinks, and much more.

Cosmetics Packing and Assortment

Cosmetics Packing & Assortment

Whether you require re-merchandising, repacking, labelling, barcoding, quality checking and inspection of your cosmetics, our experienced team is able to develop a bespoke solution to your request that will ensure the job is completed in with speed and quality.

PPE & Medical Kit Preparation

PPE & Medical Kit Preparation

Medical contract packaging or pharmaceutical contract packaging services, we understand the importance of quality assurance when assembling and fulfilling personal protective equipment, medical and testing kits. Our strict quality control process allows us to correctly and confidently pack and fulfil over 150,000 testing kits a week

Magazine Cover Mounting

Magazine Finishing & Cover Mounting

We understand the importance of magazine aesthetics and the processes involved guaranteeing this. From identifying the most efficient positioning of item placement to utilising the most sustainable packaging, we operate strict quality control processes that supports the fulfilment of over 750,000 magazines per week.

Stationary & Gifts Preparation

Stationery & Gifts Preparation

We have extensive experience in preparing, packing, and fulfilling large quantities of stationery and gifts such as pens, notepads, placemats and much more. We understand the importance of presentation and quality assurance when preparing and packing gifts therefore we ensure implement strict quality control measures.

Barcode Print & Labelling

Barcode Printing & Labelling

Our automated system enables us to quickly print and apply barcodes and labels to a variety of products, with clients having the option of customising labels. For jobs that require quick despatch we can offer express carton and product labelling to meet strict deadlines.

Gift Bag Preparation & Packing

Gift Bag Preparation & Packing

Whether you require gift bag assembly and packing for fashion and trade shows, or corporate events we have the experience and know how to make this happen. Along with gift bag assembly we can offer storage and final delivery of your gift bags directly to the end user. Our tried and tested quality assurance processes also allows us to handle and pack items of high value.

Supplement & Vitamin Packing

Supplement & Vitamin Packing

We offer re-merchandising, repacking, labelling, barcoding, quality checking and inspection of vitamin and protein supplements, our experienced team is able to develop a bespoke solution to your request that will ensure the job is completed in with speed and quality.

Item Return & Inspection

Item Return & Inspection

We provide various levels of item inspection for an array of products such as clothing, cosmetics, toys, and bags. To ensure traceability, reports and certification detailing the outcome of each inspection are issued as supporting documentation. As part of our return management service for our eCommerce fulfilment operation, we conduct thorough inspections where we receive, inspect, and repack all returned items. 

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Finding a reliable partner capable of understanding and fulfilling your company’s unique contract packing requests can be difficult and time consuming. Contract packing and contract packaging covers a broad variety of services from processing stationery and gifts, magazines, clothing, supplements and vitamins, toys and gifts, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packing, PPE, and medical kits.


Having a fast, reliable, and experienced partner that can fulfil your company’s unique contract packing requests is vital in ensuring that you are able deliver on your deadlines and leave your customers feeling satisfied. Speed, quality and specificity are all key variables to consider when hand processing 1000s of items, and this is where Finishing Line can guarantee commitment to all three.