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Contract Packaging Solutions

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Finishing Line have been in operation in London, UK, for over 3 decades, operating out of one of the largest hand fulfilment centres in the UK. We’ve developed a hybrid formula, combining the latest IT systems with human dexterity and intuitiveness to provide a unique data-driven solution. This enables effective B2B Contract Packing, including management of your company’s item assortment, ensuring that all hand assembly, disassembly, and hand packing requests are carried out with speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Contract packaging is the practice of outsourcing packaging tasks to specialized external companies. Businesses leverage contract packaging services to optimize their core functions while benefiting from expert assistance in design, labelling, filling, and bundling. This approach enhances efficiency, quality control, and adaptability to demand changes, ultimately streamlining the supply chain and ensuring products meet market standards. Contract packaging emerges as a versatile solution, enabling companies to focus on their strengths while entrusting packaging to dedicated professionals.

Our Contract Packing Service Offerings

Examples of hair, make up, and skincare products.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Whether you require re-merchandising, hand assembly services, packing, repacking, labelling, barcoding, quality checking, and inspection of your cosmetics, our experienced team is able to develop a bespoke solution to your request which will ensure that you, the client, are always put first in everything we do.

Magazine (Version 2)

Magazine Finishing &
Cover Mounting

We understand the importance of magazine aesthetics and the processes carried out in order to achieve this. From identifying efficient item positioning, to utilising the most sustainable materials for packaging, our quality control processes supports the fulfilment of over 750,000 magazines per week.

Gift Bags 250 x 350px FINAL

Gift Bag
Preparation & Packing

Whether you require Gift Bag hand assembly services and packing for either fashion and trade shows or corporate events, we have the experience and know-how to make this happen. Along with gift bag assembly, we can offer product storage, management of returns, and even final delivery of your Gift Bags, sent directly to the end-user.


Item Return
& Inspection

Various levels of item inspection are carried out for all products, such as; Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion & Apparel, Supplement & Vitamin, CBD & Cannabidiol, Subscription Boxes, Gift Bags, Toys & Games, and Food & Drink, etc., to guarantee effective Returns Management and eCommerce Fulfilment.

Stationary (Version 2)

Stationery & Gifts

We have extensive experience in preparing, packing, and fulfilling large quantities of stationery and gifts, such as pens, notepads, placemats, and much more. We understand the importance of presentation and quality assurance when preparing and packing gifts, which is why we apply strict quality control measures.

Covid-19 Testing Kit Box with Testing Kit Pack 250 x 350px FINAL

PPE & Medical Kit
Preparation & Packing

For Medical Kit Contract Packing services, we can procure, assemble, and fulfil a range of personal protective and medical equipment. Additionally, in regards to the supply, preparation, assembly, fulfilment, and distribution of Covid kits, our strict quality control process enables us to fulfil over 150,000 testing kits a week.

Examples of Supplement & Vitamin, Nutritional, Speciality, Herbal, and Sports & Weight products.

Supplement & Vitamin

We offer re-merchandising, hand assembly services, packing, repacking, labelling, barcoding, quality checking, and inspection of your vitamin and protein supplements. Our experienced team is able to develop a bespoke solution to your request that will ensure the job is completed with speed, quality, and efficiency.

Barcodes (Version 2)

Barcode Printing &

Our automated system enables us to quickly print and apply barcodes and labels to a variety of products, with clients having the option of customising labels. For jobs that require quick despatch, we can offer express carton and product labelling to ensure that strict deadlines are always met to the highest standard.

Food & Drink 250 x 350px FINAL

Food & Drink
Preparation & Packing

We have over 30 years of experience in hand assembly services, preparation, and distribution of Food & Drink gift hampers, as well as handling the assortment, repacking, and distribution of non-perishable food and drink items, such as Cereal Bars, Tea Bags, Soft Drinks, and more. We always assure the quality and care of your items.

“1 million items contract packed and hand fulfilled each week”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contract Packing?
Contract Packing providers (or co-packers as they are sometimes known), pack items for redistribution. A Contract Packing company will work under contract to package products for their clients, whether it’s hand packing, repacking, labelling, barcoding, inspecting, or quality checking.

What are the processes of Contract Packing?
We can provide an estimated price for your company requirements based on three key factors:
– How many item variants are required for Contract Packing?
– How many components are there per item?
– Are the items being sent to one or multiple delivery destinations? Are they domestic/international?

What is your storage capacity?
Here at Finishing Line, we have a vast capacity of storage in our warehouse, enabling us to host a variety of product types that vary in dimensions and weights. In total, our Production Facility houses 88,000 sq. ft of storage, which we are still filling for your B2B Contract Packing projects.

Do your facilities offer the appropriate conditions for my products?
Our facilities provide ideal conditions for most product types, offering cool, dry storage, in a warehouse that is not exposed to harsh light/direct sunlight. If your products require any specific storage conditions, we will always cater to the needs of your business as effectively as we can.

Which products can you provide Contract Packing services for?
Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion & Apparel, Supplement & Vitamins, PPE & Medical, Books & Magazines, Stationary & Gifts, Arts & Crafts, Toys & Games, Medical Devices & Testing Kits, Tech & Gadgets, and so much more. Further details can be found above in Contract Packing Services.

Current and previous Contract Packing projects that Finishing Line have carried out?
Finishing Line have been working with several well-established book and magazine publishers, such as the likes of Story House Egmont UK, Immediate Media Co., Panini, and many others, in our mission to deliver the most efficient B2B Contract Packing solutions for our most valued clients.

What warehousing equipment do you have at your facility?
Our Production centre houses all necessary vehicular and operational equipment that is typically associated for a Contract Packing warehouse to facilitate. This equipment includes but is not limited to; forklifts, docking equipment, lifting and storage equipment, and packing benches, etc.

Are you able to arrange vehicles at your facility?
Yes, we can arrange vehicles upon your request. A high number of enquiries that Finishing Line receives typically ask whether this is something that we can provide, and due to the demand for this service, rest assured, we have you covered. We make it our aim to meet all your supply chain needs.

Do you offer labelling, devanning, and palletising processes?
The cost of labelling, devanning, and palletising stock is completely dependent on the total quantity of units which require our Contract Packing services. Whether it’s devanning a 20ft, 40ft, or 60ft container, labelling, or palletising several products, they all have their own price points.

Can you provide materials such as cardboard, plastics, cello tape, etc.?
Our Co-packing and Value-Added Services supply our clients with any additional materials that their items might require. These materials and packing processes include, but are not limited to; cardboard, plastics, cello tape, gift wrapping, shrink wrapping, and sleeve wrapping, etc.

Choose A Reliable Partner

Outsourcing a Contract Packing partner that is capable of fulfilling your company’s unique requirements can be difficult and time consuming.

Our Contract Packing solutions cover a broad variety of fulfilment for industries and products such as:
Beauty & CosmeticsFashion & ApparelSupplement & VitaminCBD & Cannabidiol, PPE & Medical, Magazine & Finishing, Stationary & Gifts, Barcoding & Labelling, Subscriptions & Boxes, Toys & Games, Food & Drink, and many more.

Choosing an experienced partner that can guarantee speed, quality, and specificity when meeting the needs of your business is vital when delivering to your deadlines and leaving your customers satisfied.

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The Finishing Line was instrumental in ensuring that we were able to distribute over 150,000 testing kits every month throughout England as part of the Government's COVID-19 REACT study. Their knowledge and experience provided us with the utmost confidence in their ability.

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