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Pick & Pack Services

See how Finishing Line can assist your order fulfilment requirements with our specialist Pick & Pack Services.
Bespoke Pick & Pack solutions uniquely tailored to accommodate your operations, providing accurate, consistent, and reliable fulfilment services.

Pick & Pack Services

You Can Trust

Our Pick & Pack fulfilment services are designed to provide your company with the confidence that your online orders will be handled with speed, skill, and accuracy, ensuring the safe delivery of your items.

Every stage in our Pick & Pack process has been carefully designed to ensure that we don’t waste any unnecessary time. We understand how important it is to guarantee customers a reliable service that they will appreciate and recommend to their friends and family.

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Our Pick & Pack Service Offerings

Examples of hair, make up, and skincare products.

Beauty & Cosmetics
eCommerce Fulfilment

Collaborating with a vast range of Beauty & Cosmetics brands, we enable fulfilment of Makeup, Hair products, and Skincare items. These products are expertly packed, with same-day shipping, and online tracking, to ensure that your orders reach the right customer.

Examples of CBD-based products, including CBD & Cannabidiol Oil, Capsules, Creams, Gummies, and E-liquids.

CBD & Cannaidiol
eCommerce Fulfilment

It could not be simpler to have your CBD & Cannabidiol products fulfilled at our award-winning fulfilment centre. If it’s CBD Oils, Capsules, Creams, or Gummies, we have you covered. Our warehouse provides the ideal conditions for your CBD based items, offering the perfect service.

Examples of Fashion & Apparel, Designer Clothing, Clothing Accessories, Uniform, and Garment products.

Fashion & Apparel
eCommerce Fulfilment

Working with Fashion & Apparel brands and corporate companies, we provide product fulfilment for your Designer Clothing, Accessories, and Uniforms. These items will be fulfilled using quick and reliable shipping, and efficient tracking systems for easy inventory management.

Subscription Box 250 x 350px FINAL

Subscription Box
eCommerce Fulfilment

From Magazine & Toy Subscriptions, to Food & Drink Subscription Boxes, we help our clients maximise customer reach, by providing reliable shipping, 24/7 access to all your stock, live tracking of logistics and fulfilment processes, and bespoke packaging of all your company products.

Food & Drink 250 x 350px FINAL

Food & Drink
eCommerce Fulfilment

Requests for fulfilment in Food & Drink can vary considerably, from Cereal Bars, Tea Bags, Soft Drinks, and more, we understand the importance of providing suitable storage and sustainable packaging for all types of consumable goods, offering you premium services.

Examples of Supplement & Vitamin, Nutritional, Speciality, Herbal, and Sports & Weight products.

Supplement & Vitamin
eCommerce Fulfilment

Whichever Supplement & Vitamin products that our clients request for fulfilment, including Nutritional, Speciality, Herbal, Sports, & Weight Supplements, we will store and ship all your items, whilst using Tenevo to ensure that your best selling products never go out of stock.

Toys & Games

Toys & Games
eCommerce Fulfilment

With more than 30 years experience in handling and storing Toys & Games, we’re the ‘finished’ article. Whether you’re a start-up, or you’re an established company, our goal is to facilitate in the safe and quick distribution of your products to your customers.

“A Pick & Pack Service that's in safe hands”

Explore Our Step-By-Step Fulfilment Process

When outsourcing the right Pick & Pack solutions for your business, this service typically goes hand in hand with finding the ideal eCommerce Fulfilment provider that offers a complete 3PL service.

At Finishing Line, our dedicated eCommerce Fulfilment Centre in the South East of England handles the complete fulfilment process in the following key steps:

Stock Receipt & Processing

Stock Receipt & Processing

Upon arrival, stock is unpacked, checked, barcoded, and scanned into our system, assigning a unique product code before it is moved to a specific storage bay, based on the size, weight, and category of the item. Clients can use Tenevo to manage their stock 24/7.

Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack

Once an order is received within Tenevo, products are picked and packed from their storage location by our hand fulfilment operatives using a hand-held barcode scanner to ensure fulfilment accuracy, before being processed for packaging and distribution.

Order Distribution

Order Distribution

Depending on your customer order preferences (and subject to product availability and courier pick up times), we can ship orders same-day via our domestic and international network of couriers, thanks to our intelligent carrier integration within Tenevo.

Order Preparation

Order Preparation

Based on the size, shape, and weight of items, we will establish the most suitable and eco-friendly material and packaging types in order to limit unnecessary wastage, whilst ensuring the quality and integrity of the product remains at a high standard.

About Tenevo

Tenevo, our cloud-based management system, integrates with your online store, automatically receiving live orders as they are actioned by your customer. Our Pick & Pack Fulfilment Team then pick, pack, and distribute orders on the very same day (depending on delivery preferences).

Tenevo’s client login portal is designed to be as straight forward and as user-friendly as possible, with our aim being simple – to help you grow your business by handling your online order fulfilment needs.

Some Of Our eCommerce Platform Integrations

Amazon logo


Ship your Amazon orders through our fulfilment centre, or use our services to replace Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

Shopify logo


Seamlessly integrate your Shopify store, and manage your orders and stock levels in real-time with zero stress.

WooCommerce logo


Feel confident about connecting up your WooCommerce shop with our intuitive management system.

Magento logo


By setting up your Magento store with us, manage your online business with 24/7 access to all your stock.


Easily integrate your Wix store with Finishing Line's purpose-built platform 'Tenevo', and monitor your company's orders.

Some Of Our Trusted Carriers

Ship with Royal Mail domestically & internationally
Up to 5kg delivery, 24h & 48h.

Shipping with DPD for UK & Worldwide delivery
Up to 10kg delivery, 24h & 48h.

Ship with Evri for UK and Rest of World delivery services
Up to 15kg delivery, 24h & 48h.

Shipping with Yodel for UK & Worldwide delivery
Up to 30kg delivery, 24h & 48h.

Ship with UPS for domestic & international shipping
Up to 30kg delivery, 24h & 48h.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pick & Pack Services?
Accurate Pick & Pack Services are a crucial component of fulfilment that involves packing warehouse inventory into boxes before products are shipped to their destination. Efficient Pick & Pack solutions in-house is one of Finishing Line’s key service offerings that we provide for our clients.

What are the processes of Pick & Pack Services?
Our first-class Pick & Pack processes comprise of stock receipt & processing, pick & pack, order preparation, and order distribution, providing a harmonious step by step solution that covers all aspects of our fulfilment operations that provides seamless management of your business’ orders.

How does your Pick & Pack process actually work?
Picking & Packing stock is a highly labour-intensive job that requires consistency in attention to detail, speed, and accuracy, and once this step is complete, products are distributed using select carriers, i.e., Royal Mail, DPD, Yodel, etc., to fulfil your domestic/international orders.

What is your storage capacity?
Our operations and facilities here at Finishing Line have an award-winning reputation for providing our clients with the utmost confidence that no matter the dimensions, quantity, or destination of stock, we will always go above and beyond to facilitate the fulfilment of your eCommerce orders.

What is your turnaround time in terms of delivery dates?
At Finishing Line, we take turnaround times and dates very seriously, whereby any enquiries relating to Pick & Pack Services that provides an approximate start date and time on a project is always appreciated, as we aim to impress your customers with our competitively prompt services.

Which jobs can you not provide Pick & Pack Services for?
Accepting fulfilment on specific items depends on the nature of the product. I.e., we are not a bonded warehouse, so duty on alcoholic products must have already been paid for. All products must also be fully sealed to ensure we maintain hygienic and professional warehousing practices.

What warehousing equipment do you have at your facility?
Our Production centre houses all necessary vehicular and operational equipment that is typically associated for a Pick & Pack centre to facilitate. This equipment includes but is not limited to; forklifts, docking equipment, lifting and storage equipment, packing benches, and much more.

Do your facilities offer the appropriate conditions for my products?
Our facilities provide the optimum conditions for most stock, issuing cool, dry storage. We always try to accommodate as best we can for new products that enter our warehouse, where our top priority is to reassure our customers that their product specs and requirements will be correctly handled.

Is platform integration a service that Finishing Line can provide?
All stock that is Picked & Packed is logged with Tenevo, Finishing Line’s online management system, allowing for a seamless automated transition of data between orders via your online store(s); Amazon, Shopify, etc., and our own software, providing 24/7 access to your business’ fulfilment.

Are you able to provide product barcodes, stickers, etc.?
Barcodes and stickers are some of the most sought-after product finishing services that we offer our clients. We stand ready at your service, providing premium Picking & Packing processes that are expertly prepared for collection and/or shipping, offering effortless online order fulfilment.

Choose A Reliable Partner

Finding a reliable partner capable of fulfilling your company’s unique Pick & Pack requirements can be difficult and time consuming.

Our Pick & Pack Services cover a broad variety of solutions for industries and products such as:
Beauty & CosmeticsFashion & ApparelSupplement & VitaminCBD & Cannabidiol, PPE & Medical, Magazine & Finishing, Stationary & Gifts, Barcoding & Labelling, Subscriptions & Boxes, Toys & Games, Food & Drink, and many more.

Choosing an experienced partner that can guarantee speed, quality, and specificity when meeting the needs of your business is vital when delivering to your deadlines and leaving your customers satisfied.

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What Our Clients Think

“I have always enjoyed working with The Finishing Line. Not only for their consistently great service, but for their exceptional staff. The Finishing Line care. They care about their employees, and keep their customers at the heart of everything they do.”

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