Tyrrell Katz: ‘marrying wholesale services and online fulfilment is key’

Published: December 2023

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On December 08, 2023
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Tyrrell Katz, is a world-renowned eCommerce retailer and design studio that specializes in creating beautiful products for children. Their unique style and attention to detail have made them a favourite among parents and kids alike.  


Kid Gifts & Accessories

Tyrrell Katz is the latest customer to choose The Finishing Line to deliver the flexible and cost-effective services the company requires. Nicky Haynes, co-owner of the business, which creates and sells high quality gifts and accessories for children, explains that finding a 3PL able to provide both wholesale packing and dispatch as well as online order fulfilment was a challenge.


“The industry has become more specialised,” she says. “3PLs tend to focus either on

the wholesale market or on consumer fulfilment, usually not both. However, as
Tyrrell Katz serves many small independents as well as selling products through our
website, marrying both services was key. We shopped around and eliminated any
company unable to accommodate that requirement at the first hurdle.”

The Finishing Line understood our brand and our needs; that was a big part of their appeal for us

– Nicky Haynes


Tyrrell Katz's Main Criteria:

Sector Experience:
  • the ability to manage both wholsale orders, B2B fulfilment and B2C fulfilment 
Customer Service:
  • a dedicated eCommerce Account Manager to handle day-to-day queries 
System Visibility:
  • the ability to view real-time stock reporting, billing, order dispatch and return data  

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How Finishing Line Were Right For Tyrrell Katz

Experience & Tech Capability: A Bespoke Service

Our many years’ experience working in contract packing and eCommerce fulfilment convinced Nicky and her team that The Finishing Line was geared up to handle high volumes of small items, often in different combinations, quickly and efficiently, while the in-house system at The Finishing Line gained another tick in the box.

According to Nicky, good tech should be a given, but The Finishing Line’s IT is particularly impressive. “We found set up was smooth, and the system offers all the functionality we expect, enabling us to view the data we need easily and clearly.”


Transitioning: No Hassle & Seamless Onboarding

Tyrrell Katz moved to The Finishing Line in September. Nicky explains that there was a small window between the ‘Back to school’ peak period in August and the onset of Black Friday and Christmas which was the perfect opportunity to move the business across. “The transition has been seamless,” she confirms. “The Finishing Line team have been really supportive, there is always someone available to answer any queries, there have been no drastic changes and everything has been going out smoothly. If you don’t hear anything from your customers, you know it’s all going well!” Nicky adds that the impact of the move has been immediate. 

 “The efficiency and speed of packing has improved the end-to-end process, 

so we’ve already seen savings on the bottom line.” 

 “Logistics is such a big part of a successful business, so we’re very happy. 

For us, it was definitely the right move at the right time!”

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