Maximising B2B fulfilment: Activity Superstore's Dynamic Retail Requirements

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On March 01, 2023 by Josh Arrowsmith
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Activity Superstore, one of the UK’s leading gift experience suppliers, provides over 1000 experiences across the UK for people to enjoy. From afternoon tea at the Shard to flying lessons, they have it covered!


Gift Experience

A new addition to Finishing Line’s eCommerce Fulfilment customer base in 2022, Activity Superstore had a clear requirement – nationwide business-to-business (B2B) distribution. 


Maintaining sufficient product stock levels across over 250 high street retailers nationwide on an annual basis is a supply chain balancing act.  Activity Superstore had to be sure they had a strategic partner who was experienced in managing B2B distribution. 

“Finishing Line’s knowledge and expertise in handling B2B fulfilment gave us confidence that our nationwide retail partners would receive our stock on time”

– Matthew Bidwell

National Account Manager

Activity Superstore in Numbers: Since August 2022

Orders dispatched
0 +
Items picked and packed
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Stores delivered to

Our Objectives for Activity Superstore

  • Maintain Activity Superstore’s stock levels across over 250 retailers nationwide.
  • Provide live order packing and tracking of all B2B fulfilment orders 
  • Manage large seasonal B2B order spikes of up to 4,000+ items per order

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How Finishing Line Managed: Communication, Planning & Scanning

Activity Superstore’s Peak Order Requirements  

Communication is key! As orders are seasonal but high volume, our Fulfilment Team works closely with Activity Superstore to carefully develop a fulfilment picking plan and schedule for future store order drops. With over 4,000 items within some order drops, we have to ensure that each item is accurately picked and packed. To ensure accurate picking, all products and cartons are barcoded and recorded within Tenevo upon receipt in our warehouse. Therefore, when assembling orders, only the correct items can be scanned, picked, and packed, ensuring 100% pick accuracy across all orders.

Tenevo: Data-Driven Decision-Making  

Tenevo, Finishing Line’s in-house Warehouse Management System, provides customers with live reporting on their current stock holding, orders, and returns. Our latest addition to Tenevo is the Stock Level Alert feature, which enables clients to set a specific stock unit level against one or more of their products. Once the stock goes below this specific unit threshold, the client will receive a notification prompting them to initiate a resupply. This feature ensures that you are never caught short with low stock, and provides you with the data you need to maintain a well-supplied eCommerce fulfilment business.

“Tenevo enables us to easily manage and track all our orders, which allows us to quickly react should a store need an unscheduled resupply”

“Ensuring we have sufficient stock levels across all our retail partners is vital, so having the ability to set stock level alerts within Tenevo gives us that additional safety net when planning our next national store drop”

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Josh Arrowsmith

Head of Commercial & Innovation

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