Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment

We specialize in providing a full suite of contract packing services for personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical kits. For medical kit contract packing services, we can procure, assemble, and fulfill a range of personal protective and medical equipment. Additionally, in regards to the supply, preparation, assembly, fulfillment, and distribution of Covid kits, our strict quality control process enables us to fulfill over 150,000 testing kits a week. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that every kit meets the highest standards of safety, quality, and reliability.

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Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment

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Whether you require medical kit preparation, procurement, assembly, and/or fulfilment, Finishing Line can offer a bespoke service to meet all your medical packing requirements. When it comes to healthcare logistics, Finishing Line have had years of experience in refining and perfecting our processes and capabilities, having been involved in large-scale medical testing kit projects with companies such as Ipsos Mori and Viva Health Laboratories, as well as other private and public sector clients that we have partnered with.

Our strategic partnerships with manufacturers and laboratories enable us to provide a complete end-to-end medical contract packing solution, from initial procurement, through to the testing of completed samples. These are all given a QR code when labelled, to ensure traceability within the supply chain.

Procurement of High-Quality PPE & Medical Supplies

We source high-quality PPE and medical supplies from trusted suppliers to ensure that your kits are reliable and effective. Our procurement process is stringent, ensuring that all materials meet regulatory standards and are suitable for inclusion in medical kits. This guarantees that your kits are composed of the best possible components.

Efficient PPE & Medical Kit Assembly and Packing Services

Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team enable us to efficiently assemble and pack PPE and medical kits. We follow meticulous processes to ensure that each kit is assembled correctly and includes all necessary components. Our automated systems and skilled staff work together to provide fast and accurate packing services.

Scalable Fulfillment Solutions for PPE & Medical Kits

Whether you are a small business or a large organization, our fulfillment solutions scale with your needs. We offer flexible options to accommodate your growth and seasonal fluctuations in demand. Our capabilities allow us to fulfill over 150,000 Covid testing kits a week, demonstrating our capacity to handle large volumes efficiently.

“3,000,000+ medical testing kits assembled and fulfilled”

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Our Contract Packing Process

What is our Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment process?

Finishing Line’s dedicated contract packing facility in Essex, the South East of England handles the complete packing process in just 4 simple steps:

Component receipt, inspecting and storing

We thoroughly inspect all incoming components for quality and accuracy. Approved items are then stored in our advanced warehouse, ensuring they remain in perfect condition for assembly.

Product approval stage

Our team rigorously reviews each product to ensure it meets all specified requirements and quality standards before production. This critical step maintains the highest level of product quality and consistency.

Product assembly & production

Our skilled team assembles and produces each product with precision and attention to detail, using state-of-the-art equipment and strict quality control measures to ensure every product is crafted to perfection.

Product Despatch (B2B & B2C)

Finished products are efficiently packaged and dispatched to both business and consumer clients. We ensure timely delivery and secure shipping, maintaining the product’s quality from our facility to its final destination.

"The Finishing Line fully understood the nature of the project and gave us the confidence that they would deliver to our requirements"

Within a month of first discussions, The Finishing Line received the kit components, which they then assembled, printed and inserted Clinician Information Leaflets, before labelling and dispatching 30,000 kits on pallets to the NHS Supply Chain national distribution centre in Rugby for final distribution into the NHS trusts selected for trials.

"The Finishing Line was instrumental in ensuring that we were able to distribute over 150,000 testing kits every month throughout England as part of the Government’s COVID-19 REACT study."

Having teams of dextrous and experienced contract packers reduces the potential for error, and increases the speed of processing. With a workforce that has been with us for a number of years, we know who is well-suited to particular jobs and these teams are then committed to the project for its duration.

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What is Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment and what are the processes?

What is Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment?
Whether you require preparation, procurement, assembly, and/or fulfilment of your medical kit products, when it comes to healthcare supply chain logistics, we at Finishing Line can guarantee a bespoke solution that will cater to the exact needs of your business.

What are the processes of Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment?
Our end to end processes of B2B Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment consists of:
– SMS & email notifications are sent when orders are received and processed.

– Medical kits are checked, assembled, sealed, weighed, and packaged.
– Kits are scanned, address matched, labelled, and distributed.

Do your facilities offer the appropriate conditions for my products?
Our clients have, and always will be our utmost priority, and when it comes to storage and outsourcing the right Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment services, rest assured you are in safe hands with Finishing Line as your specialist supply chain provider.

What is your turnaround time in terms of delivery dates?
In each Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment enquiry that we receive, delivery dates vary considerably on a job-to-job basis. We always welcome estimated start dates on a project, and we take pride in meeting all delivery objectives, with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly turnaround targets.

Which products can you provide Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment services for?
Finishing Line offers Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment for most kit types in our warehouse, catering to hundreds of companies in the healthcare industry. We supply affordable, fast, and efficient fulfilment solutions for DNA testing kits, blood kits, urine sampling kits, and much more.

Current and previous Medical Kit projects that Finishing Line have carried out?
On multiple accounts, Finishing Line has assembled and fulfilled 180,000 medical testing kits in a single week, and has also fulfilled over 3 million testing kits over a period of 18 months on behalf of Ipsos Mori, Imperial College London, and the Department of Health’s statistical research.

What is your minimum/maximum requirement for Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment?
With every Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment request that we handle, an accurate number of product variants, as well as a detailed number of items per product must be confirmed within your order, to ensure that a min./max. quantity of fulfilled orders is calculated before a quote is provided.

Which jobs can you not provide Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment for?
When outsourcing fulfilment services for medical kits, Finishing Line generally cannot carry out jobs that would typically require certain licences, i.e., variations of test kits and substances. Some of these restrictions apply to substances that are not suitably sealed/pre-packaged.

Do you offer labelling, devanning, and palletising processes?
Labelling, devanning, and palletising are three key service areas within our Medical Kit Assembly & Fulfilment solutions that we offer to our clients on a weekly basis. The price of labelling varies, depending mainly on the size of each label, and devanning & palletising costs vary with quantity.

Are you able to provide product barcodes, stickers, etc.?
Barcodes and stickers are some of the most sought-after product finishing services that our clients request, particularly for Medical Testing Kits which can be QR coded and tracked upon request. Tracked products of this sort are typically medical sampling kits to be analysed once shipped.

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