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Medical Kit Procurement, Assembly & Fulfilment

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Whether you require the procurement, assembly, and/or fulfilment of medical testing kits, Finishing Line can offer a bespoke service to meet all your kit requirements (domestic or international). The same service applies for Covid kit supply, Covid kit preparation, Covid kit assembly, Covid kit packing, Covid kit fulfilment, and Covid kit distribution. 

We have had more than 2 years to refine and perfect our processes and capabilities, having been involved in large-scale COVID-19 medical testing projects within both the private and public sectors. We are proud to have been providing the assembly and fulfillment of Antibody and Antigen COVID-19 testing kits for the government’s Real-time Assessment of Community Transmission (REACT) Study since April 2020.



COVID-19 tests assembled and fulfilled in the UK

Our strategic partnerships with manufacturers and laboratories enable us to provide a complete end-to-end medical testing kit solution from the procurement to the testing of completed samples. All testing kits can be QR-coded and labelled in order to ensure traceability within the supply chain.

Our manufacturing partner is a producer of individual diagnostic testing kit components such as 95 kPa pressure bags, ADR road transport bags, UN3373 envelopes, and absorbent pads.

We have extensive kit assembly and fulfilment operations working 7 days a week that can scale up to supply up to 500,000 kits per week.

We have the capabilities to supply and fulfil large quantities at short notice. We are currently working towards ISO 13485:2016 (medical device handling) accreditation for our Basildon production site which will allow for the assembly of CE-marked medical kits suitable for self-testing.

Services Offered

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Medical Kit Procurement

We can procure a variety of medical kits from DNA testing kits to both COVID-19 PCR and lateral flow antigen tests

Contract Packing Solutions

Medical Kit Assembly

Our experienced workforce operates within a strict quality controlled environment allowing us to correctly and confidently pack and fulfil over 150,000 testing kits a week

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Medical Kit Fulfilment

Our national and international carrier networks allow us to distribute up to 25,000 medical kits on a daily basis, with all kits being tracked and displayed on Tenevo, our in-house order management system.


Medical Sample Testing

Our testing partners have laboratories strategically placed throughout the UK and have the capacity to analyse thousands of results in an average turnaround of approximately 12 hours daily. This means, within 24 hours of receiving swabs at our laboratory, samples are analysed, and results are delivered securely online. 

Our end to end process

The skills that Finishing Line has in contract packing can be adapted for all number of supply chains. We also provide services for eCommerce order fulfilment, returns management and warehouse management.

If you have a medical testing project in mind that you would like advice on or have a query on the different types of medical testing kits we can procure and fulfil, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail. Please get in touch or call us on +44 (0)1268 498 950

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