Celebrating National Apprenticeship WeeK 2023

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On February 10, 2023 by Dylan Rowsell
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National Apprenticeship Week:
Investing in the next generation of industry professionals

From 6th to 12th February, 2023 is National Apprenticeship Week. During this time, apprentices around the country are being celebrated and praised for their positive impact they make to businesses, communities, and the wider economy. At Finishing Line, we believe in the power of investing in the next generation of industry professionals. That’s why we’re proud to participate in apprenticeship programmes and provide hands-on learning experiences for aspiring professionals.

This week we sat down with Dylan Rowsell, our Digital Marketing Apprentice, who wanted to share his thoughts and experiences throughout his apprenticeship journey since joining the company in February 2022. Dylan is approaching his one year milestone here at the company, and in a few months will be a fully qualified Digital Marketer.

So why is the apprenticeship route sometimes the best option for aspiring individuals that are looking to kickstart their careers, and is it possible to know whether an apprenticeship programme is the right move for you? Check out our Q&A with Dylan below, who shares the experiences and opportunities that a post-grad apprenticeship role has given him.

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Dylan Rowsell shares his experience as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Finishing Line's Dedicated Apprenticeship Programmes

Dylan is Finishing Line’s first full-time apprentice, whose creativity and breadth of knowledge has been highly regarded since joining the team in February 2022. To understand a little more about Dylan’s experiences during his 15 month apprenticeship, below is a short Q&A which summarises just that.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route?
“After graduating from university, I knew I had the knowledge to start a career in the media industry. What I did not have at the time however was the professional experience, which was where Finishing Line’s Digital Marketing Apprenticeship seemed like the perfect opportunity for my future development.”

What made Finishing Line a good match for you?
“Finishing Line are a forward-thinking organisation who truly care about their workplace culture and the wellbeing of their employees. They have given me the flexibility of being able to work from home one day a week, which has enabled me to focus on my apprenticeship studies, delivered by Estio Training, a multi-award winning provider of digital and tech apprenticeships.”

What skills have you acquired during your time as an apprentice?
“Learning how to communicate effectively both inside and outside of the office is one of the most important elements that I have taken away throughout the duration of my apprenticeship training. Mainly as it is such an integral part of working within a professional environment, and is a highly transferable skill that I can apply in any of my future roles.”

Any advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship role?
“I would highly recommend considering whether the apprenticeship programme you have found is the right fit for you. Apprenticeships with Estio Training provide a 14–15-month contract for learners to become fully qualified, so make sure the career path you wish to pursue has longevity.”

At Finishing Line, we are proud to provide new opportunities and career-changing roles that will ignite the next generation of industry professionals. If you found this case study an insightful read and has left you feeling inspired, check out our live vacancies here to learn more about Finishing Line’s available job opportunities.

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