The Finishing Line KTP Project wins National Award

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On October 27, 2023, by Lisa Holden
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The Finishing Line KTP Project wins National Award

We are proud to announce our Head of Commercial & Innovation, Josh Arrowsmith, has won the inaugural Best Management KTP Award in the same week that he was instrumental in our relocation to extensive new premises.

Announced at the Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership Awards on 18th October, this is a new award category created especially to reward and recognise productivity, and the win acknowledges the success of a two-year project at The Finishing Line in partnership with the University of Essex.

Josh joined us on placement as a KTP associate working with the University of Essex before rising to Head of Commercial & Innovation. Commenting on the project, he says:

“We set out to establish The Finishing Line as a key service provider within the ecommerce fulfilment landscape, firstly by identifying new markets and then ensuring the business had the right knowledge and skill sets to take on the opportunity and run with it; and thirdly looking at automation.”

“There’s legacy and a lot of history in the company, so I had to justify the value the project was adding,” he adds.  “Fortunately, the project has been a success, but I have to say it’s always been about the people and developing the relationships which really made it work, especially the team at University of Essex and our MD, Andy Mead.”

As evidence of its effectiveness, the KTP project contributed to the company’s move into new premises on 16th October to give the growing business an additional 40% capacity which will allow for us to expand even further.

Congratulations once again to Josh for an amazing team effort.

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