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On September 30, 2022 by Josh Arrowsmith
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Livestreaming in 2022 - Paving the way for eCommerce businesses

With the rise of social media taking over the internet, as a result, livestreaming is quickly becoming one of the most profitable mediums to advertise products online in 2022.


It is not just the livestream hosts/creators that are reaping the benefits for each video that is streamed live for their audience. Business collaborators and product sponsors in livestreams are also benefitting greatly, by encouraging audiences to interact with their products in a somewhat contemporary form of teleshopping.


It’s impossible to ignore the latest developments that have emerged in the form of live, interactive selling platforms which are already influencing consumer buying habits, thus forcing eCommerce companies to adapt to a bigger, more contemporary digital market in 2022.

For any eCommerce businesses wanting to take advantage of using livestreaming services, these 5 key topics will help you understand what benefits streaming can offer:

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1. Why Are eCommerce Companies Exploiting Livestreaming?

TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, are just a few examples of some of the world’s most popular social media sites, all of which in recent years have introduced livestreaming capabilities within their platforms, i.e., TikTok Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, and Facebook Live, etc. These live features have now expanded to what is known as live shopping, enabling users to make instant purchases without exiting the livestream, allowing for a seamless purchasing experience. The aforementioned feature update has created another sales avenue for eCommerce platforms to receive orders, in turn increasing the demand for fulfilment houses to process orders.

eCommerce businesses are also seeing the advantages of audience engagement with their products in a live selling space, where customers can ask questions about the promoted items directly to the host of the stream, acting as their audience’s personal sales advisor in real-time. Additionally, shopping on livestream creates opportunities for buyers to make quick purchases, due to product links and pop ups that are scheduled to appear on the side of the screen. These links influence customer buying habits, like impulse purchases, to draw in a higher volume of sales. The biggest draws to livestreams for eCommerce businesses, however, is the cost effectiveness of directing the attention of a large audience straight to your product, generating a far higher revenue on stream in comparison to many websites.

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2. How Has Multi-Media Streaming Emerged?

The world-renowned multi-media video platform YouTube, opened its doors in 2005, which gradually paved the way for other digital conglomerates, such as Netflix and Hulu that were beginning to offer streaming services in 2007/2008, specifically for live television and film that could be watched either at the time of broadcast or on repeat, also referred to as on-demand. This style of live broadcasting revolutionised media consumption, inspiring a new brand of livestreaming that catered more toward the online gaming culture, sparking a larger gaming community than ever before that was breaking boundaries in online media engagement. By 2011, Twitch was proving that a big market existed for those who wanted to watch their favourite influencers play their favourite video games, as opposed to just physically playing the video games themselves.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the demand for livestreaming increased exponentially, with interpersonal engagement and watch time figures on livestreams soaring worldwide. “UK adults in 2020 were spending more than a quarter of their day online – the highest on record – with services such as TikTok and Zoom seeing astronomical growth”, reported Ofcom. A recent publication by McKinsey also stated that two-thirds of Chinese consumers said they had purchased products via livestream during the pandemic. Today, Instagram is going the extra mile, after adding a ‘going live’ feature to their platform. This enables the host of the stream to demonstrate products and test them live, while sharing recommendations, reviews, and answering any FAQs from the chat that customers may have about the items.

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3. How Is The eCommerce Industry Benefiting From Streaming?

The past two years have seen a shift in how eCommerce companies are taking their products to market. Early adopters recognised the power and influence of social media, and as such set up strategic partnerships with livestreaming platforms and influencers to market their products. The sheer number of viewers that influencers captivate daily, are making it easy for eCommerce companies to convert these spectators into loyal subscribers to their products. This new customer acquisition tactic has enabled eCommerce companies to expand rapidly and to acquire market share from their competitors.

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4. Have We Seen This Style Of eCommerce Advertising Before?

When referring to deals and sponsorship agreements that eCommerce businesses are negotiating within contemporary livestreaming platforms, comparatively, these business tactics are not too dissimilar to the likes of traditional business negotiations in retail, such as commissions and concessions, in which a percentage of the profit is taken for each item that is sold through the commercial outlet. This shows a rather clear correlation of how television commercials and niche teleshopping channels, i.e., QVC, and Ideal World, etc. have led to the rise of livestreaming platforms world-wide, and as technology has grown, so has the eCommerce market.

It is not just livestreaming that these online companies are wielding to generate more sales. Virtual expos and trade shows like E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) have also piqued the interest of eCommerce businesses alike to promote their content in a live broadcasted environment, which, unlike conventional livestreaming, can be watched online or attended in person. These eCommerce channels employ effective marketing techniques, such as audience interactivity, content immediacy, and addressing the customer directly.

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5. Is The Future Of Livestreaming Bright For eCommerce?

As mentioned, China’s experience with livestreaming is shaping the future of consumerism. “If China’s experience is any guide”, says McKinsey, “our analysis indicates that eCommerce livestreaming platforms could account for as much as 10 to 20 percent of global retail sales by 2026.”

If your eCommerce sales have skyrocketed after using livestreaming channels to advertise your products, you’re going to require a suitable supply chain partner to complete your B2C orders. One that will assist in any potential last-minute changes or complications, i.e., fluctuations in monthly order volumes, or unexpected customer returns that need correcting, etc. If these stress-free, third-party services are integral for your company, Finishing Line could be the eCommerce Fulfilment provider for you. With 35 years of fulfilment experience, we pride ourselves on the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of our fulfilment services.

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At Finishing Line, we always want to give you a head start in current tactics that eCommerce businesses are using in 2022, keeping you ahead of the game in a digital market that is constantly evolving. Additionally, we can provide top-tier services for your online business! Are you dealing with record order volumes and limited warehouse capacity? We stand ready to help scale any business.

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