Our People Are Our Best Success Story

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On December 15, 2021 by Josh Arrowsmith
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"Putting my people first is and always will be my utmost priority"- Andy Mead, Managing Director

It could be easy to assume that not a lot separates a great contract packing company from an average one. But to our minds, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Quality really matters in our business.


It matters whether every one of the seven items necessary for a COVID test is included in the box. It matters that the ecommerce order information is correct and dispatch records updated. It matters that the magazine gift does not obscure the front cover headlines or barcode. These things, and many more, matter because they impact the satisfaction of the recipient, and critically the reputation of the sender.


Workers in fulfilment warehouse

Liama (left) and O’Shea (right) have been with the company for over 13 years and continue to be integral to our operational efficacy.

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1. Committed labour rather than casual labour

The main hub of our working environment is very different to most people’s. When visitors come to our site, they are blown away by how productive our line is. How quickly and accurately items are picked and packed.


This is only possible because of the quality of our staff.


With a job like ours, you can’t hide behind technology. Technology can be incredibly valuable but, ultimately, we are reliant on our staff to perform to high standards. And for the duration of their whole shift.


You can only get that high standard of delivery from staff that feel supported, in the job they are doing today and the future of their job prospects for tomorrow. We’re incredibly proud of our workforce, many of whom have been with us for years and who have referred friends and family to us to fill vacancies as we’ve grown. For an industry that is known for ‘casual labour’, we buck the trend by having very low staff turnover and, crucially, all our staff on employment contracts.

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Onboarding Phase is followed by approving business terms and proposals.

2. Supporting home and work life balance

Reliable order fulfilment and dispatch is certainly an area where experience reaps rewards. Despite the relatively low barriers to entry, starting up an effective distribution centre is more complex than it might at first seem.

Starting from the outset, having a partner who can reliably predict how long a job will take to pick and pack is key to getting an estimate that isn’t going to change once the project gets underway. Trial runs with different teams of workers, as we do when pricing up jobs, give you clarity on price as well as timeframes. It all helps to minimise nasty surprises further down the line.

Experience also pays off in terms of solving nasty surprises that couldn’t be predicted. We recently had a project which switched to using sustainable packaging. Unfortunately, that packaging proved to be too difficult for customers to open, so we were able to offer up alternatives and keep the timeframes on schedule.

Similarly, long-standing relationships with logistics companies mean that, in the event of driver shortages or other problems as have been seen in the pandemic, an experienced company will be able to source alternatives so no shoppers are disappointed.

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Discover Finishing Line's strategic and effective partnerships with well-established names.

3. New thinking brings fresh opportunities

Partnerships have always provided opportunities for refreshing ideas and new viewpoints. Seeking these out have prevented us from stagnating as a business, and also as individuals.

Through the Knowledge Transfer Programme, Josh Arrowsmith joined the company to assist with focussing on developing a new strategy and structure that will support the organisation’s current growth requirements and transition into new markets. In addition to spearheading the redevelopment of our website and digital presence, Josh has brought new ways of thinking to our management and has been a breath of fresh air for the business.

Taking advantage of partnership schemes like KTPs or those with the Local Enterprise Network open up opportunities for our staff to be challenged and subsequently to grow their skills and confidence to achieve more.

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Ensure reliability

4. Securing client perception

Reputational protection is important for our clients and how we operate plays a role in supporting their own aims to ensure fair working conditions.

In addition to a supportive and healthy work environment, we ensure that our staff are paid a fair wage. We recently implemented pay increases above the living wage increase coming into effect in April, and also offer staff bonuses including £250 for prospective recruitment introductions, despite the fact that workers had previously just been happy to encourage contacts to join them at work. It’s our belief that, rather than taking advantage of people’s good nature, this should be rewarded.

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The only way that a business can truly thrive and perform at its optimum level, is by ensuring that all its staff, regardless of hierarchal position or status in the workplace, are being taken care of appropriately, in terms of providing each member of staff with fairness, with praise and appreciation where it is due, and ensuring that suitable health and wellbeing procedures are always carried out.

Our clients reap the benefits of our successful and supported workforce every day. If you’d like to find out how we can add value to your ecommerce fulfilment, returns management, contract packing and warehouse management, contact us today!

Please get in touch with us, send a live chat message, or call +44 (0)1268 498 950

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Josh Arrowsmith

Head of Commercial & Innovation

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