Finishing Line's MKTP Award with The University of Essex

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On November 24, 2022 by Dylan Rowsell
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Celebrating Finishing Line's Success: University of Essex, KTP Awards

Having always expressed how proud we are here at Finishing Line to have The University of Essex as one of our leading strategic partners for over three years, this year’s UoE MKTP awards (Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships), hosted by The University of Essex, presented yet another celebrated milestone within Finishing Line’s internal development.

The KTPs are an established and successful initiative, which bring together businesses with research expertise. Funded by Innovate UK (another trusted partner of Finishing Line), the KTP programme are constantly looking for ways to develop a new product or improve a company’s pivotal processes, which is why an award of this calibre can go a long way for businesses at any level, in any industry.

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Joshua Arrowsmith receives 'Best MKTP Associate' Award
Joshua Arrowsmith receives 'Best MKTP Associate' Award

In this year’s KTP awards ceremony, the award for ‘Best Management KTP Associate of the Year’ was awarded to Joshua Arrowsmith, Strategy & Change Management Associate, on Friday 30th September 2022. Since the project’s inception in October 2019, Joshua has taken a lead role in changing the culture, structure and operating processes at both Finishing Line’s Production Facility, and eCommerce Fulfilment Centre.


Joshua’s unique innovations have also seen the company move into new markets, while driving more uniquely tailored services to Finishing Line’s new and existing clients, thus capitalising on the USPs of the business. By combining strategic awareness with operational know-how, Joshua has helped transport the company directly into the eCommerce sector, providing B2B and B2C solutions for companies of any size and stature.


We are truly honoured to have received this tremendous award from The University of Essex, along with the immense results that we are seeing here at Finishing Line. Overall, the KTP programme has provided our staff with the confidence, skill set, and strategic direction which has allowed us to gain a significant competitive advantage within our market and has ascended our company’s growth in preparation for 2023.

The KTP project by The University of Essex has taken Finishing Line further than we could ever have anticipated, strengthening its position within the supply chain and logistics sector. It is clear that due to our strategic long-term partnerships, our company’s growth forever continues to rise, and by enhancing our professional relationships, this will enable us to consistently break down barriers.

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