Our Platform: Tenevo

Tenevo cloud-based management system

Tenevo – ‘Te-nei-vow’, derived from the Latin verb ‘Tenere’ meaning ‘to hold’, is our purpose-built cloud-based management system designed to help grow your business by allowing you to manage everything in one place.

“Simplifying your Company's Growth”

With Tenevo your company can achieve the following:

Consolidate orders form multiple online sales platforms
Consolidate orders from multiple online sales platforms
Forklift Reversed with Shelf (FINAL) 350 x 250px
Manage and refine stock inventory levels
TFL_phone_warning (FINAL) 350 x 250px
Set automatic stock levels alerts - ensuring your best-selling products never go out of stock
Handle all customer service requests
Handle all customer service requests
View live order tracking on fulfilled items
View live order tracking on fulfilled items
Initiate and manage product returns
Initiate and manage product returns
Tenevo (FINAL) 350 x 250px
Including much more (contact us for a full software demo)

What can Tenevo do for you?

Handling over a 100,000 items every day we specialise in working quickly and effectively with a variety of products.

Integrating with a variety of sales channels, our platform allows for quick, reliable, and trackable fulfilment.

Our international freight network allows us to provide global transport coverage and facilitate the daily importing and exporting of international products.

Ensure your customers have a stress free experience by managing returns easily on Tenevo, our cloud-based management platform. 

Whether it is short term or long term storage, we offer a variety of bespoke solutions to suit your company requirements.